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Amar equipments, the largest manufacturer and exporter of high pressure reactor, high temperature reactor & autoclave systems in India, established in 1974.

We design and manufacture pressure reactors / vessels upto 350bar (5000 psi) and temperatures upto 500°C in various material of constructions like SS-316/316L, hastelloy B/C, monel, inconel, nickel, titanium, tantalum, zirconium etc. from laboratory to pilot-plant scale for various applications as below.

Autoclaves / Gas induction reactors

High throughput catalyst screening

Continuous flow stirred tank reactor (CSTR)

Fully automated ex-proof pilot plants for hydrogenation, polymerization, alkoxylation

Supercritical CO2 solvent extraction, reaction, evaporation, drying system

Gas recycled vapour phase reactor

    Fixed / Trickle / Fluidized bed catalytic tubular reactor system

    Hydrogen induced disbonding test

    Corrosion studies, static, loop & electrochemical

    Shaker hydrogenators to study catalyst activity

    Soaking of diamonds / precious stones

    Reaction calorimetry

In R&D centers, pilot plants & manufacturing facilities of fine & speciality chemicals, bulk drug (API) pharmaceuticals, dyes, intermediates, paints, oils, agrochemical, petrochemicals, petroleum etc. Industries & also in chemical engineering colleges / research institutes / defence organisations where high pressure reactions like hydrogenation, oxidation, alkylation, chlorination. carboxylation, nitration, polymerization, amination, bromination, ethoxylation, esterification, sulphonation are carried out.

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