Chiller for Laboratory Applications

CHL Series (Ambient to -15°C)

Model Temperature Range in °C Cooling power kW @ (Bath Fluid IPA) Pump Pressure Max Dimensions (W X D X H)mm End Connection
0°C -10°C
CHL-1Ambient to -150.350.1512-14 LPM330 X 370 X 5503/8" Hose Nipple
CHL-2Ambient to -150.70.312-14 LPM360 X 460 X 6001/2" Hose Nipple
CHL-3Ambient to -151.20.625-30 LPM550 X 650 X 7001/2" Hose Nipple
CHL-4Ambient to -152.41.530-36 LPM450 X 650 X 11503/4" Hose Nipple
CHL-5Ambient to -154.52.530-36 LPM700 X 700 X 12003/4" Hose Nipple
CHL-6Ambient to -1510655-60 LPM1300 X 800 X 16001" Hose Nipple
CHL-7Ambient to -1515870-75 LPM1500 X 950 X 17001" Hose Nipple
CHL-1Ambient to -15201285-90 LPM1650 X 1100 X 16001" Hose Nipple
  • The given cooling power is at 40°C ambient temperature. Increase in ambient temperature will affect performance of machine
  • The temperature range mentioned above is at outlet of the chiller machine hence temperature inside the process / load may vary due to various factors like process design, distance, head, insulation etc.

Please fill the details below (Refer image above for parameters):

Maximum Process Temperature in °C
Minimum Process Temperature in °C
Reactor/Process Volume in Liters
Jacket/Limpet Volume in Liters
Head in Meters
Distance in Meters
Required time from Ambient to max. temp.
Required time from Ambient to min. temp.
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