At Amar PRESSURE and FLOW is our religion

Welcome to Amar

Amar Equipments, established in 1974 are largest manufacturer and exporter of high pressure, high temperature reactor / autoclave systems, magnetic drive couplings / stirrers & continuous flow reactors.

We design and manufacture pressure reactors/vessels / systems upto 700bar (10000 psi) and temperatures upto 600°C in various material of constructions like SS-316 / 316L, hastelloy B/C, monel, inconel, nickel, titanium, tantalum, zirconium etc. from the laboratory to pilot-plant scale for various applications.

We also manufacture continuous flow reactor for process intensification, which is the future of many chemical processes, it can change the economics of process & improve product quality with higher safety standards.

Pressure Reactor Specialist TM

Autoclaves For High Pressure Chemical Reaction

Autoclaves / Gas induction reactors

High throughput catalyst screening

Fully automated ex-proof pilot plants for hydrogenation, polymerization, alkoxylation

Supercritical CO2 solvent extraction, reaction, evaporation, drying system

Corrosion studies, static, loop & electrochemical

Hydrogen induced disbonding test

Soaking of diamonds / precious stones

Gas Hydrate Formation System

Reaction calorimetry

Acid Digestion Bombs

Shaker hydrogenators to study catalyst activity

Flow Chemistry Specialist TM

Continuous flow stirred tank reactor (CSTR)

Gas recycled vapour phase reactor

Fixed / Trickle / Fluidized bed catalytic tubular reactor system

Continuous Flow Microreactors In Metal And Glass

Bench Top Reactor systems (BTRS)