• 1-100m2 filtration area offered in vertical & horizontal models.
  • Stainless steel filter elements, hence no repetitive cost, washing and maintenance of filter cloth.
  • Filtration rates are 2-3 times higher on same filter area of plate and frame type filter.
  • Automatic cake discharge with mechanical or pneumatic vibrator & optional spray nozzle for wet cake discharge.
  • Ideal replacement for plate & frame filter. Closed system, no maintenance due to SS filtration mesh, low retention of oil, less occupancy of space etc.
  • Very low % of unfiltered liquid retention in cake.
  • Simple & economical bottom opening with 100% opening & optional butterfly valve for vertical PLF
  • Closed pressurized operating system hence no spillage & loss of liquid, which helps in handling volatile / inflammable liquids & clean working environment.
  • Pressure leaf filter can be completely automated with no human intervention.
  • Edible oil Industry: Bleached, winterized, deodorized, hydrogenated, fractionized oil, dewaxing, catalyst, mineral oil.
  • Beverage Industry: For glucose, fruit juice, cold drinks, sugar, vinegar.
  • Chemical Industry: For organic & inorganic salts, dyes, chemicals, plastizers, sulphur, copper..
  • Pharma Industry: For pharmaceutical, intermediates, syrup, bulk drugs, antibiotics, intravenous solution.
  • In Petrochemical Industry: Crude oil, LPG, lubricating oil, sulphur.
Vessel M.O.C Carbon steel(M.S.), Optionally stainless steel (304, 316, 316L)
Leaves M.O.C Outer mesh of SS- 316 and inner mesh of SS-304, optionally complete SS- 316 & cloth on SS leaves
Design Pressure 5 Bar(72.5 psi) (Optional upto 20bar (290 psi))
Design Temperature 120°C with Neoprene gasket and optionally 200° C with Viton / Silicon Gasket
Vibrator Electric motorized / pneumatic
Bottom opening Manual hinged opening or pneumatically actuated butterfly valve


    • The above specifications are for design pressure of 100 bar (except 50 to 100 ltr. is for 50/100 bar) & 350 °C temperature and MOC SS316. The same may change for higher pressure/temperature & different MOC autoclaves.
    • Overall dimensions are indicative,they may change depending on the optional accessories or specific design modifications opted.
    • Maximum reaction volume will be 75% of net filling volume (i.e. autoclave volume).
    • Total equipment electrical load = Motor kw+ Heater kw + Auto Cooling pump (0.37kw) (if opted)+(any accessories if selected)

Since development is continuous process, the above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.