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Pilot scale 3D flow reactor


Production scale tubular flow reactor


Catalytic mesh flow reactor

  • Designed to offer excellent mixing and heat transfer for carrying out fast and exothermic reactions on continuous basis in microchannels
  • Pressures upto 50 bar
  • Flow rate upto 40 l/hr per plate
  • Modular design to connect upto 10 plates in series or parallel
  • Reduced waste and faster transfer of process from laboratory to pilot/commercial scale manufacturing

Advantages of continuous flow reactors over batch reactors:

  • Better mixing & very high heat transfer area per unit volume
  • Faster reactions & better selectivity.
  • Higher yield.
  • High safety & ideal for exothermic reactions.
  • Reduced waste and faster transfer of process from laboratory to pilot/commercial scale manufacturing
  • Easily scalable


AMaR series is ideal for carrying out a wide range of chemical reactions in the field of pharmaceuticals, fine and specialty chemicals in a continuous manner.

Suitable for

  • Homogeneous reactions: Neutralization, condensation, dehydration, photochemical reactions etc.
  • Multiphase Reactions: Gas-liquid reactions (G-L): oxidation, ozonolysis, chlorination, etc. Liquid-liquid reactions (L-L): nitration, transfer hydrogenation, sulfoxidation, amination etc. G-L-S and L-S catalytic reactions: esterification, hydrogenation, condensation, etc.

Technical Specifications for AMaR – 1 and AMar – 2 series:

Technical Specifications AMaR1: Micro-mixer AMaR2: Micro-mixer & Reactor
Pending Patent No. (dated 17-8-2012) 247208 247209
Purpose Mixing of miscible liquids or creating dispersion of immiscible fluids and carrying out very fast reactions fluids (t<10s) Mixing of miscible liquids and creating dispersion of immiscible fluids and for homogeneous & heterogeneous reactions
Channel volume (ml) 1 12, 50, 200
Operating flow rates (L/hr) * Upto 3.6 Upto 20
Design pressure (bar) 50 20
Operating temperature (°C) -40 to 200 -40 to 200
Heat transfer area (m2/m3) <2000 <2000
Heat transfer coefficient (J/m2k) 6000-16000
Material of Construction SS-316, SS-304, Hastelloy-C, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, PTFE lining etc. SS-316, SS-304, Hastelloy-C, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, PTFE lining etc.
Dimensions (mm x mm x mm) 115 x 58 x 14 246 x 177 x 30
Heating Cooling by dipping in suitable thermostat bath/external circulation by external circulation from thermostat bath/
Inlet & Outlet 3 nos. inlet & 1 no. outlet, 1/8” O/D tube connector 3 nos. inlet plus 1 additional O/D tube connector intermittent inlet & 1 no. outlet,1/8″ O/D tube connector

Technical Specifications for AMaR – 3 series:

Design Temperature (°C) -40 to +200
Design Pressure (bar) 100
Heat Transfer Area (m2/m3) 600 – 800
Internal Volume (per module for a stack of 12 plates) 30 ml
Max. total internal volume upto 600 ml
Flow rate range upto 360l/hr
Material of Construction SS-316, Hastelloy-C, Tantalum, Inconel, Titanium, PEEK, PTFE
Heating/Cooling By dipping in bath or external circulation

Technical Specifications for AMaR – 4 series:

Design Temperature (°C) -40 to +500
Design Pressure (bar) 100
Heat Transfer Area (m2/m3) 600 – 800
Internal Volume up to 5 ltrs.
Operating Flow rate range up to upto 360l/hr
Material of Construction SS-316, Hastelloy-C,Tantalum, Inconel, Titanium etc.
Heating/Cooling By external circulation


  • Operating flow rates are calculated assuming 1 s residence time.
  • Multiple plates can be stacked to use either in series or parallel for higher residence time /output.

Since development is continuous process, the above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Thermal gas mass flow meter/controller

MFC thumb

Thermal Mass Flow Meters (MFM) can be used to measure the accurate mass flow rate of gas (in gm/hr or / LPH) & totalised quantity of mass/volume (in gms/ltr.) charged in autoclave at any point. Mass flow controller (MFC) is used to charge the set flow rate of gas into the autoclave at high pressures up to 350 bar (Kg/cm2) or it can be used in pressure control mode to indicate the gas flow & total gas uptake to maintain desired set pressure inside the autoclave (ideal for hydrogenation). The same MFM / MFC can be used for multiple gases by just entering the conversion factor for different gas densities provided the gases are inert to each other. The MFM/MFC comes with high pressure flexible hose, inlet filter with digital gas flow indicator cum totalizer & additional pressure PID controller with pressure sensor if the MFC is used in pressure control mode. User has to specify the max. flow rate range, pressure, gas & mode (flow control or pressure control) for ordering MFM/MFC. Optionally MFM/MFC certified for use in zone 1 hazardous area offered on request.

Coriolis Gas-Liquid Mass Flow Meter/Controller

Coriolis MFC thumb

These are used for higher & accurate gas or liquid flow rate indication or control where thermal mass flow meters are not suitable. Common meter can be used for all the gases & liquids with only change in pressure drops and flow rate ranges.

Digital Pressure Indicator / Controller

5 Digital Pressure Indicator thumb1

It consists of SS316 pressure sensor (transmitter) & digital pressure indicator/ controller (mounted on common control panel) with pressure alarm & optionally heater cut off for safety. Digital pressure indicator has pressure reading in bar & psi, where as controller reads any one of the units. The controller is normally used with mass flow controller (MFC) or solenoid/flow control valve to maintain constant pressure inside the autoclave. With MFC, gas flow indicator & totalizer are also provided on the same panel. The pressure sensor has temperature limitation upto 80°C & hence the same is provided with water cooling jacket. Optionally intrinsically safe pressure sensor with IIC certification is provided. Pressure sensors with Hastelloy C / Inconel wetted parts can be offered on request.

Low Temperature Cooling circulator

Low temp cooling circulator thumb

It is used to reduce the autoclave temperature to as low as upto -50°C from room temperature to carry out reactions at lower temperatures by circulating thermic fluid in the internal cooling coil / jacket of autoclave. It consists of single/double stage compressors, condenser, circulation pump & temperature controller for thermic fluid & reactor. The system can be with bath or closed loop bathless type for efficient & faster heat transfer.

Thermic Fluid Heating circulator

Thermic Fluid Heating Circulator thumb

It is opted only if heating is jacket type & the area is totally flameproof or direct electric band heaters are not permissible. Heating can be done by circulating hot thermic fluid through the jacket of the autoclave. The system comes with SS tank, electric heaters, level switch, pump for thermic fluid & reactor. The heating system is non flame proof & can be kept at a distance in safe area, if the reactor is in flame proof area. The system can be with bath or closed loop bathless type for efficient & faster heat transfer. Open bath system can be offered upto max. 150°C inside the reactor (due to fuming of thermic fluid) & are available upto 25 ltrs. autoclaves only, whereas closed loop systems can be offer upto 250°C inside the reactor & upto 1000 ltrs. volume.

Common single fluid Heating & Cooling circulator

Common heating fluid heating cooling circulator thumb

If heating & cooling both are to be done by circulating thermic fluid through reactor jacket then, common single fluid heating & cooling system (open bath/closed loop) for temperatures from -50 to 200°C inside the reactor can be offered. Open bath system can be offered upto max. 150°C inside the reactor (due to fuming of thermic fluid) & are available upto 25 ltrs. autoclaves only, whereas closed loop systems can be offer upto 250°C inside the reactor & upto 1000 ltrs. volume.

Note: All the above systems are supplied with 6 ft flexible insulated hose & optionally suitable thermic fluid.


Condenser thumb

It is a SS-316 shell & tube reverse flow heat exchanger for distillation/condensing the vent vapours from the autoclave upto 10Kg/cm2 pressure. It can be offered in all different MOC, higher pressure & different surface areas such as 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 & 2 m2. The condensate can be collected separately in receiver or optionally refluxed back into the reactor.

Receiver Pot

Receiver Pot thumb

SS 316 receiver pot can be connected at the outlet of the shell & tube or Reflux condenser to collect the condensate separately. It is also provided with port to apply vacuum & offered in 250 ml, ½ ltr., 1 ltr., 2 ltrs. & 5 ltrs. sizes. Higher sizes & other MOC can be offered on special request. It can be optionally provided with level indication.

Back Pressure Regulator

Back pressure regulator thumb

It is mounted on the vent line of the autoclave & is used for maintaining constant pressure inside the autoclave. The pressure is maintained by releasing the excess pressure into the atmosphere or through a hose to safe area. The pressure can be set initially on the gauge, by manually varying the knob until the gas comes out. Once the set pressure is exceeded the excess pressure is released until the autoclave pressure becomes equal to or below the set pressure. The pressure release is slow & gradual & the set pressure can be varied at any point. Alternately electronic digital back pressure regulator can be offered on request, where the pressure is set digitally & can be released at preset rate of pressure release.

Pressure Safety Valve

Pressure safety valve thumb

High pressure autoclaves are provided with built in safety rupture disc, however additional safety can be offered by providing pressure safety valve whose release pressure can be set manually for a wide range by increasing or decreasing the spring tension. The set pressure should normally be around the max. allowable working pressure. Safety relief valves are standard supply for glass, rocker & fabricated reactors where rupture discs are not available for low pressure. These valves come with PTFE / Viton orings which may not be suitable for certain gases & solvents.

SCADA Software for Remote Operation & Recording

Scada software thumb

SCADA is a supervisory control & data acquisition software with all controllers / indicators having RS485 modbus communication port or PLC & HMI, for online display, set point changes & data logging of pressure, temp., Motor RPM, motor torque % & optionally liquid / gas flow rate with totaliser, heater temperature etc. remotely from PC as well as locally from panel. It gives continuous online data logging at predefined variable time interval, online graphical representation as well as historical data & graphs on PC for single or multiple autoclaves. RS 485-232 convertor & cable upto 10m or higher is also supplied. Wireless data communication from PC to panel can be supplied on request.

  • Syringe / HPLC / peristaltic / gear / diaphragm pump for continuous liquid feeding under pressure
  • Syringes of MOC SS316, hastelloy, monel, PTFE, PP etc.
  • Gas mass flow controllers for flow control.

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