Magnetic Drive Coupling for High Vacuum Distillation

Salient Features

  • Suitable for full vacuum to 700 bar pressure
  • Magnetic drive couplings, mixers & agitators available for 50 ml - 10,000 ltr reactors
  • High torque magnetic drive from 0.8 to 600 Nm
  • Materials of SS316, Hastelloy C, inconel, monel, titanium, tantalum, PEEK etc. for resistance to various chemicals
  • Magnetic drive coupling / mixers with taper end connections for glass reactors for high vacuum distillation
  • Compact inline motor & magnetic couplings for 50 ml - 100 ltr reactors
  • Magnetic drive coupling, mixers & agitator offered with CE, ATEX, UL/CSA certification on request
  • The gland/mechanical sealing need replacement after every 200-1000 hrs of working depending on application & have limitation of maximum pressure where as magnetic drive can run virtually life long without leakage & can be designed for pressures upto 700 bar
  • Very useful for long or round the clock reactions as in gland/mechanical sealing if there is any leakage midway, the whole batch may go waste
  • Zero leakage hence zero maintenance & zero breakdown for years
  • Noiseless, vibration free & flexible hence overload results in coupling slippage safe guarding the motor
  • Safe for toxic / hazardous & expensive chemicals
  • No friction losses hence lower power consumption
  • Suitable for glass/metal reactors / autoclaves / fermentors etc.
  • Retrofitting existing gland / mechanical seal with magnetic coupling for reactors of any make & size with little modifications
  • Reactor mounting end connections & shaft connections customizable

Magnetic Drive Couplings / Mixers for High Vacuum Distillation

  • Amar Equipments are the pioneers to introduce magnetic drive couplings for high vacuum distillation in round bottom flask (RBF) in India since 2000. The leakage Of vacuum due to distillation using conventional PTFE bush / tape results in contamination Of the product. This is totally avoided by using zero leakage magnetic coupling / mixers With suitable taper / glass joints like B24, B34, B/NS29/32, B/NS45/40 etc. These coupling are cost effective & guarantees superior product quality Without any contamination. Clients can buy MG series coupling from Amar With their existing stirrer or alternately MMG series compact inline vibration free motor & coupling in their existing RBF
  • Available for 100 ml to 50 ltr RBF / glass reactors
  • These coupling / mixers can withstand full vacuum during continuous running
  • Materials: SS316, Hastelloy C, PEEK etc.
  • Suitable upto 1500 rpm

Note: Amar does not supply RBF assembly or external stirrer with the coupling / mixers. Stirrer shafts & impellers can be optionally provided in different materials

Magnetic Drive Couplings / Mixers for High Pressure

  • Full vacuum to 700 bar pressure
  • For reactors from 50 ml to 10000 ltr
  • Magnetic drive & stirrer wetted parts of SS316, Hastelloy C, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Tantalum etc.

Magnetic Drive Couplings / Mixers for High Pressure

  • Full vacuum to 700 bar pressure
  • For reactors from 50 ml to 10000 ltr
  • Magnetic drive & stirrer wetted parts of SS316, Hastelloy C, Inconel, Monel, Titanium, Tantalum etc.

M-Series and Agitators

  • Magnetic drive couplings for metal reactors upto 10,000 ltr
  • High torque couplings upto 600 Nm
  • Threaded or flanged end connections
  • All the magnetic drive models for metal / glass can be provided with suitable agitator
  • Agitator assembly consists of motor, variable frequency motor speed regulator, magnetic drive coupling, suitable drive mounting, shaft and different types of impellers viz pitch blade turbine, anchor, hollow shaft with gas induction impeller, ruston turbine, propeller, helical impeller etc.


  • Compact inline motor and magnetic drive coupling with speed indicator & regulator
  • For 50 ml – 50 ltr metal / glass reactors
  • Torque capacities upto 12 Nm
  • No external rotation, rotation inside housing
  • No separate motor / stand / stirrer required
  • Light weight & economical
  • Full vacuum to 700 bar pressure

We specialize in manufacturing magnetic drives and magnetic stirrers for glass equipment. These drives ensure zero leakage at high pressures as well as full vacuum. These are often used for high vacuum distillation setups

Specification for Magnetic Drive for vacuum distillation

Sr.Model No.MG08 / MMG08MG20 / MMG20MG40 / MMG40MG80 / MMG80MG120 / MMG120
AMaterial of Construction (Wetted Parts)SS 316
BDesign PressureFull Vacuum
CDesign Temperature200°C
DMaximum RPM1450
EStatic Torque CapacityKg-cm8204080120

Enquiry guide for magnetic drive customized models

AMaterial of Construction
Hastelloy C 276HC6
Monel 400MN4
Inconel 600IN6
Titanium Gr. 2TI2
Zirconium 702ZR7
Tantalum linedTNL
Up to 3000 rpm (MG08/MMG08 to MG80/MMG80)RT
  1. All above options may not be available / possible with all models.
  2. Customization of volume, material, pressure, temperature etc. may be possible on request.

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