High Throughput Catalyst Screening System

The high through-put catalyst screening system consists of mutliple parallel autocalves making a fully automated parallel reactor unit. These parallel synthesizers and multiple autoclaves can be used for carrying out mutiple similar or discrete experiments under varied process conditions at the same time

Fully Automated High Through-put Catalyst Screening

  • Faster screening of catalysts by running all autoclaves in similar conditions
  • Volumes: 50 ml - 750 ml, 4 or 6 nos. parallel autoclaves
  • Pressures upto 350 bar & temperatures upto 500 °C
  • Material: SS 316, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Inconel, Titanium, Tantalum etc.
  • Fully automated process without human intervention with manual modefor emergency/ malfunction/ bypass
  • SCADA software with suitable laptop for remote set points, control &recording of temperature, pressure, speed control, H2 gas flow rates, total H2 consumed with batch reports & online / history graphs
  • Highly advanced programming & recipe management for leak test, N2 / H2 flushing, temperature profiling, speed control, H2 purging, pressure control with H2 gas uptake, heating, cooling, vent etc.
  • Safety alarm & suitable interlocks for high & low temperature / pressurealong with suitable safety rupture discs
  • Highly advanced & compact for fitting in fume hood
  • Complete SS construction
  • For multiple autoclave specifications visit here

Eco Catalyst Screening

  • Eco-cat 7 - 25: 7 parallel reactors of 25 ml volume each with common bottom stirring, heating & independent lid
  • Eco-cat 24 - 10: 24 parallel reactors of 10 ml volume each with commonbottom stirring, heating & lid
  • Design pressure of 100 bar at 200°C
  • Maximum stirring speed 1000 RPM
  • Material: SS 316, Hastelloy C, Inconel, Monel, Titanium & Tantalum etc.
  • Very compact & economical system
  • Ideal for high through-put catalyst screening
  • Optional glass/ PTFE liner

Optional Accessories


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