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We design and manufacture Gas induction reactors / hydrogenators / vessels / autoclave systems / hydrogenation reactors upto 100 bar (1450 psi) and temperatures upto 350°C in various material of constructions like SS-316/316L, hastelloy B/C, monel, inconel, nickel, titanium, tantalum, zirconium etc. from laboratory to pilot-plant scale for various applications.With the evolving needs of the industry for enhanced productivity and lower cost of production; Amar offers Gas induction reactors / Gas Induction autoclaves systems in batch and continuous manner for various applications with system integration and automation which maximizes the efficiency and accuracy of research and production operations.

Applications of Gas Induction Reactors are Catalytic hydrogenation reactions, Gas-liquid reaction with suspended Solids, Gas-slurry reactions, Ozonisation / Oxidation processes, Amination/Aminolysis.


Some of the features of Gas Induction Reactors  / Gas slurry reaction systems

  • Sizes from 100lit to 1000lit working volume
  • Hollow shaft with high mass transfer gas induction impeller, pitch blade turbine, anchor, propeller, paddle etc.
  • Available in different materials of construction (MOC) – SS-316/316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Inconel, Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium etc.
  • Design pressures upto 100 bar(1450 psi) and temperatures upto 350°C
  • ASME designs approvals, CE/PED certification on request
  • Suitable catalyst filtration & recycle system.
  • Ideal for hydrogenation, oxidation, alkylation, chlorination, carboxylation, nitration, polymerization, amination, bromination, ethoxylation, esterification, sulphonation etc.
Description Standard Optional
Working volumes 100lit to 1000lit customizable N.A.
Material of construction (MOC) SS-316 SS-316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Nickel, Inconel, Titanium, Zirconium etc.
Design Pressure As required upto 100 bar (1450 psi) N.A.
Design Temperature As required upto 350°C (662°F) N.A.
Nozzles, Valves & Fittings Flanged nozzles for pressure gauge, vent , safety release valve / rupture disc, gas inlet-sparger & liquid sampler mounted on dip tube, powder / liquid inlet, bottom drain, diptube, thermowell, baffles.
  1. Customized nozzle arrangement as per client requirement with flanged valves & fittings
  2. Threaded nozzle instead of flanged with threaded valves
  3. Handhole / manhole (depending on space availability)
  4. Internal helical cooling coil
Gasket PTFE Gasket Spiral wound metallic gasket
Body flange SS lined CS body flanges & bolts
  1. Complete SS316 flange or lining as per MOC used
  2. Monoblock design where the top dish end is welded directly to shell
Motor & Drive Non flame proof / flameproof (explosion proof, IIA & IIB) geared AC motor (3 phase, 220V/415V 50 Hz)
  1. Flame proof group IIC motor
  2. CE Atex IIC motor
Stirrer RPM 30-300 rpm variable speed Upto 1000 rpm
Shaft Sealing Zero leakage magnetic drive coupling N.A.
Stirrer Hollow shaft with high mass transfer gas induction Impeller Two stage, six bladed pitch blade turbine propeller, anchor, spiral, ruston turbine, paddle & special designed stirrer for highly viscous material
Heating System SS-304 Jacket with 6 bar design pressure
  1. Single / double limpet for heating cooling
  2. Insulation & cladding
Control Panel N.A.
  1. SS control panel with Microprocessor based Programmable P.I.D temperature controller with RTD PT 100 temperature sensor, high temperature alarm system & motor speed controller mounted on it. The 230V, 1Ø O/P of PID can be used to control the pneumatic solenoid valve (in client’s scope)
  2. Flameproof control panel for group IIA IIB or IIC gases with above controller
Mounting Mounted on M.S Lugs with internal buffing / mirror polishing & acid cleaning of exterior of vessel
  1. Skid arrangement if required
  2. Buffing on the external body

Since development is continuous process, the above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


Gas Pressure Regulator

Gas Pressure Regulator thumb

To manually charge different gases at desired pressure upto 140 bar (Kg/cm2) / 2000 psi or higher into the reactor from gas cylinder. Nitrogen, Oxygen & Hydrogen can be charged through same regulator (with special adaptor). Regulator for other gases like NH3, CO2 etc. can also be offered. The regulator comes with inlet-outlet pressure gauges & SS braided teflon high pressure hose pipe (4m long).

Gas Booster

Gas Booster thumb

Gas boosters are useful when the cylinder pressures are much lower than the autoclave rated pressures. In such case the booster takes gas at lower pressure from cylinder & compresses the same to deliver at higher pressures upto 5000 psig. They are generally pneumatically operated. Special gas booster pumps are available for liquid CO2 used in supercritical Fluid Extraction System. The booster systems are supplied with air filter regulator, pressure relief valves, inlet-outlet pressure gauges & valves.

Thermal gas mass flow meter/controller

MFC thumb

Thermal Mass Flow Meters (MFM) can be used to measure the accurate mass flow rate of gas (in gm/hr or LPH) & totalised quantity of mass/volume (in gms/ltr.) charged in autoclave at any point. Mass flow controller (MFC) is used to charge the set flow rate of gas into the autoclave at high pressures up to 350 bar (Kg/cm2) or it can be used in pressure control mode to indicate the gas flow & total gas uptake to maintain desired set pressure inside the autoclave (ideal for hydrogenation). The same MFM / MFC can be used for multiple gases by just entering the conversion factor for different gas densities provided the gases are inert to each other. The MFM/MFC comes with high pressure flexible hose, inlet filter with digital gas flow indicator cum totalizer & additional pressure PID controller with pressure sensor if the MFC is used in pressure control mode. User has to specify the max. flow rate range, pressure, gas & mode (flow control or pressure control) for ordering MFM/MFC. Optionally MFM/MFC certified for use in zone 1 hazardous area offered on request.

Coriolis Gas-Liquid Mass Flow Meter/Controller

Coriolis MFC thumb

These are used for higher & accurate gas or liquid flow rate indication or control where thermal mass flow meters are not suitable. Common meter can be used for all the gases & liquids with only change in pressure drops and flow rate ranges.

Digital Pressure Indicator / Controller

DPI thumb

It consists of SS316 pressure sensor (transmitter) & digital pressure indicator/ controller (mounted on common control panel) with pressure alarm & optionally heater cut off for safety. Digital pressure indicator has pressure reading in bar & psi, where as controller reads any one of the units. The controller is normally used with mass flow controller (MFC) or solenoid/flow control valve to maintain constant pressure inside the autoclave. With MFC, gas flow indicator & totalizer are also provided on the same panel. The pressure sensor has temperature limitation upto 80°C & hence the same is provided with water cooling jacket. Optionally intrinsically safe pressure sensor with IIC certification is provided. Pressure sensors with Hastelloy C / Inconel wetted parts can be offered on request.

Liquid / Slurry / Gas Charging High Pressure Pot

It is used to transfer liquid or gases in to the autoclave under pressure. It consists of high pressure SS-316 pot designed for working pressure 100 bar (kg/cm2) or higher with port for Nitrogen gas (N2), liquid / slurry inlet, outlet, pressure gauge, pressure safety valve, high pressure hose %2


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