Stirred Glass Autoclave Pressure Reactor

Salient Features

  • 100 ml to 2 ltr net filling volume
  • Pressures upto 10 bar & temperatures upto 200°C
  • Glass with metal
  • Bottom heated, jacketed & triple walled options
  • Interchangeable glass & high pressure metal autoclaves
  • With suitable safety guard

Amar-make high pressure (6 or 10 bar) glass autoclaves come with bottom electric heating mantle or with single or double glass jacket. These glass pressure reactors can be custom made for internal wetted parts of various metals including SS316, Hastelloy, Inconel, etc.

Standard models for glass autoclaves

Volume100 ml500 ml1 ltr2 ltr
Model no.G 1360G 1370G 2160G 2170G 2360G 2370G 2460G 2470
Design Pressure6 bar10 bar6 bar10 bar6 bar10 bar6 bar10 bar
Design Temperature150°C(option up to 200°C in Jacketed glass vessel)
Vessel I/D (mm)4075101.6
Vessel Internal Height (mm)83118163303
Min. Stirrable Volume (ml)2060130

Technical specification for Glass Autoclave standard models

AMaterial of ConstructionBorosilicate glass cylinder with other wetted parts of SS 316
BHead Mounting StyleRemovable Head Design
CHeating TypeElectrical ceramic band heater bottom (jacket optional)
DMotor⅛ hp AC motor with 100-1450 RPM (100 ml)
¼ hp AC motor with 100-1450 RPM (500 ml to 2 ltr)
EShaft SealingZero leakage magnetic drive coupling M8 with 0.8 Nm torque for 100 ml,
Zero leakage magnetic drive coupling M20 with 2 Nm torque for 500 ml to 2 ltr
FStirrer4 bladed turbine stirrer (100 ml)
2 stage 6 bladed turbine stirrer (500 ml to 2 ltr)
GStandard Nozzles, Valves & FittingsExternal Valves & Fittings:
Pressure gauge, safety rupture disc, gas inlet and liquid sampling needle valve with common dip tube, vent needle valve, solenoid valve at inlet of cooling coil (100 ml)
Internal Fittings:
Serpentine cooling coil (100 ml), helical cooling coil (500 ml to 2 ltr), dip tube, thermowell with RTD PT 100 sensor
IGuardPolycarbonate guard will be provided around glass body
JControl Panel SS control panel with programmable PID temperature controller & high temperature alarm and variable frequency drive for motor speed control
KPower Supply1Ø, 220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
LMounting & DimensionsMountingReactor VolumeDimensions in mm
SS Table Top100 ml300300700
SS Table Top500 ml320300700
SS Table Top1 ltr380310910
SS Table Top2 ltr3803101050

Enquiry guide for glass autoclave customized models

Enquiry code structure is Standard Model no-A-B-C-D1-D2-D3-F-G-I-K-L-M where A, B, C, D1, D2, D3, F, G, I, J, K, L & M options can be selected from below tables. The below options will be in place of standard supply. For example 1 ltr, 6 bar, 200°C, Hastelloy C, fixed head with pneumatic vessel rasing lowering autoclave, jacketed glass vessel, ¼ hp, ex-proof CE ATEX certified motor, ruston turbine autoclave code will read as G 2360-HC6-P-EJ-H02-AZ-SR

AMaterial of Construction
Hastelloy C 276HC6
Hastelloy BHB
Monel 400MN4
Inconel 600IN6
Nickel 200NK2
Titanium Gr. 2TI2
Tantalum linedTNL
BHead Mounting Style
Fixed head with manual vessel raising lowering (100 ml & 500 ml)K
Fixed head with manual vessel raising lowering & tilting (500 ml)KT
Fixed head with pneumatic vessel raising lowering (500 ml & 2 ltr)P
Fixed head with pneumatic vessel raising lowering & tilting (500 ml & 2 ltr)PT
CHeating Style*
Jacketed glass vessel (up to 200°C)EJ
Triple walled double jacket glass vessel for heating & vacuum insulation (up to 200°C)ET
D1Motor HP
¼ hp (for 100 ml)H02
½ hp (for 500 ml to 2 ltr)H05
D2Motor RPM
Upto 3000 rpmRT
Gear box upto 440 rpmR4
D3Motor Type
Ex-proof gas group IIB (Zone 1)XB
Ex-proof gas group IIC (Zone 1)XC
Ex-proof CE ATEX certified II 2G Ex de IIC T4AZ
Ex-proof CSA certified Class 1 Div 2 group A, B, C, DCD
⅛ hp compact in-line brushless DC motorBD
¼ hp compact in-line brushless DC motorQD
FStirrer Options**
Hollow shaft with gas induction ImpellerSH
Anchor (Serpentine cooling coil, max 100 rpm)SA
Spiral (No cooling coil, max 100 rpm)SS
Ruston turbineSR
GValves & Fittings***(for 500ml-2ltr)
Serpentine cooling coilSCC
Ball valve powder inlet (¼) with funnelBVP
Flush bottom valve (10 mm)FBV
Baffle (with serpentine cooling coil)BFL
JControl Panel
Touch screenTSP
KMounting & Overall Dimensions (Approx.)
MountingAutoclave VolumeDimensions (Autoclave with control panel)Code
Trolley100 ml10104101450TL
500 ml10104101450
1 ltr10404101660
2 ltr10404101800
NInterchangeable Metal Autoclave
Interchangeable metal vessel of same volume upto 100 bar & 250°CIM
OMag Drive Torque
2 Nm (100 ml)M20
4 nm (500 ml to 2 ltr)M40
8 Nm (500 ml to 2 ltr)M80
12 Nm (1 & 2 ltr)M120
  1. Customer is advised to select best suited options for most optimized price & delivery.
  2. For other optional accessories please refer Accessories tab
  3. All above options may not be available / possible with all models.
  4. Customization of volume, material, pressure, temperature etc. may be possible on request.
  5. Overall dimensions are indicative, they may change depending on the optional accessories or specific design modifications opted.
  6. *Internal cooling coil & PID temperature controller will be removed for jacketed options.
  7. ** Stirrer options can be in place of standard or additional multiple interchangeable.
  8. *** All the options in G are addons & can be inquired in single enquiry.

Optional Accessories


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